Hi, I’m Kelly!

Helllooo! Welcome to my blog. I plan to write pretty much whatever I’m in the mood to talk about. I created this blog as a way to share my opinions on products, events, exercise classes, etc. However, the main reason I decided to create this blog began when I started living the oily-life (some of you are prob like: WTH? Oily life?).

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I was introduced into Young Living products. All I remember is my mom giving me these essential oils when I would complain about something that was bothering me. It would go a little bit like this:

Me: Man, I’ve got this headache that just won’t go away today.
Mom: Headache, you say? Put this peppermint oil on your forehead!
Me: Uhhh… OK, Mom… (what the heck has my mom gotten into now?)

As I began using these oils as directed, I started to notice my body reacting differently. I wasn’t taking OTC medicines for my stomach problems, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, etc. That’s when I thought “Huh, maybe these oils really do help.”

After much convincing (I’m a skeptic), I finally purchased my own Young Living starter kit. Since then, I’ve been living the oily life (you get it now? 😀 ) and simply sharing what I have gained from these lovely little bottles of amazing smells and magical powers (they might as well have special powers!).

Now I’m the person telling people to put peppermint on their foreheads and seeing the reactions I gave my mom. (little secret: I kind of love blowing people’s minds with these oils)

I hope you enjoy my rantings as well as little tips and tricks that I have learned along the way through using essential oils. Stay tuned! 😉

Want to know more about Young Living? Fill out my contact sheet and take a look at my website —> Let’s get oily!


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