Why Young Living?

I know what you are thinking: not another network marketing company. I did too. In fact, I crashed and burned when I attempted to do Mary Kay (but that’s another story).

But hear me out! I’ll tell you why I think Young Living (YL) is different from other network marketing companies.

You do not need to buy merchandise and manage inventory. This is a biggie. A lot of network marketing companies will require you to purchase inventory that you have to curate to what you THINK your POTENTIAL customers will want. This is not the case with YL. If you sign up as a distributor with YL, there isn’t any pressure to purchase inventory. The reason for this is because everyone orders their own products, just like any other online business. Now- I’m not sugar coating anything for you, here. You do have to purchase a starter kit. The starter kits can range from $160-$260 and the only difference is which diffuser you end up choosing (hint: the cheapest is the Dewdrop diffuser kit). WHAT, $160 you say?! This kit gives you the most popular essential oils that are used through YL. The cost to purchase each individual piece of this kit goes way beyond the actual price of the kit. it is definitely worth it. Trust me.

Easy going company model. There is no obligation to add anyone to your downline. When you sign up as a distributor you receive 24% off all YL products. In my opinion, there are two overarching scenarios you can go with when you sign up as a distributor:

Scenario 1: You love using the products and getting the 24% off discount as a distributor, but you don’t really want to pursue the business-side. This is perfectly okay! 93% of Young Living members are distributors mostly to reap the benefits. My mom is a YL distributor, but she’s just interested in getting the products at a great price and reaping the Essential Rewards program to get even more products for free (I’ll get to that soon). (side note: you can always change your mind later)

Scenario 2: You are all about becoming a distributor and working towards the business side of YL. 

The best part? It doesn’t matter which scenario seems more like what you are looking for. Just buy your starter kit and start playing with the oils and other products however you see fit.

The rewards!!! This is by far one of the best aspects of YL: Essential Rewards. Now, this may need a post completely on its own but here is the overarching point: Consistently purchase YL products each month, get a percentage of that back in rewards points to purchase MORE for free! The points don’t expire until 1 year after they are issued so you can save up and spend whenever you want to. In addition to these rewards (which you only get as a distributor), you also get free products when you make your monthly order through Essential Rewards. It is basically on a buy more get more platform. Every tier you reach, you will more FREE product.

Just to recap… when you have a YL Distributor account:

  • Receive 24% off. All the time. No minimums, no tricks.
  • Enroll in Essential Rewards monthly purchase (min 50PV = $50 typically)
    • 1-3 consecutive months: an additional 10% off (Spend $100 -> get 10PV added to account, etc)
    • 4-24 consecutive months: an additional 20% off
    • 25 & up: an additional 25% off
      *these are reflected as PV points and are available to redeem when shopping

The Seed to Seal Promise. For more detailed info visit here. YL essential oils are the purest oils on the market. Yes, you can go on Amazon and find oils that are cheaper than YL and get your order through Prime… HOWEVER, those oils are not going through extreme lengths to make sure they are healthy for you. Your skin is so important so please research your essential oils before considering something other than Young Living. Please.

There is always the option to join as a retail customer. You just won’t reap the extra rewards (immediate 24% off), but if you looking to purchase just a couple oils or products once in a while, then it may be best for you.

I hope this gives some insight on how Young Living works and how you can use it to your advantage to get amazing products that will improve your overall well-being.

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