[Review] Living the Barre Life

It all started with a Groupon deal. My mom and I had purchased a 5-class pack for our first ever Barre class. We had no idea what was in store. Two years later, we are regular clients.

Here’s my review from the perspective of a long-time client.

I don’t know about you, but when I look that these boutique-style exercise classes, I look at the prices and think: Are you kidding me? Who would pay so much for this?

Well, after a few months of consistent attendance, I learned the value in that. When I go to my barre class, I know that I have a community of people who are genuinely interested in my well being. Other clients and instructors notice me, my progress, my mood. You aren’t just paying for someone to come teach a class, you are paying for a whole new community of support. That’s what makes these boutique style classes special. Sure, you can get to know the associate’s at your local gym, but I have never created friendships at the gym like I have at barre.

Now, on to the important aspect: the workout! It is tough and it never really gets easier. The reason for that is the further you progress, the more you learn about the correct technique. When you know the correct technique, you realize how to keep challenging your body to do more and work harder. The exercises are ever-changing and each instructor is left to create the class. This makes it less likely for the classes to be the same each time. Since I’ve been taking barre class, I have gained a lot of strength and confidence in myself.

If you have the opportunity, take a Barre class! There are almost always Groupon deals or specials during holidays. It’s a great workout and you will not regret trying it! And now, I will leave you with this article that always makes me laugh: 100 Thoughts I Have During Pure Barre Class.


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